Stakeholder Dialogues Can Be Bolder and More Targeted

Stakeholder Dialogues Can Be Bolder and More Targeted

by Achim Halfmann -

Stakeholder dialogues are somewhat hyped these days. Why the hype? The new version of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines is partially responsible. It put more emphasis on such dialogues.

Asia Pacific - The next chapter in the e-commerce success story

Asia Pacific – The next chapter in the e-commerce success story

by Thomas Kipp -

Online shopping is still one of the main drivers of today’s boom. E-commerce, by now a mainstream mode of doing business in the US and Europe, is emerging as a powerful new growth engine in Asia Pacific.


Creating shared value through stakeholder engagement

by Mark Kramer -

To solve society’s larger problems, governments, NGOs and business have to work closely together. And to be effective, companies need to manage their stakeholder engagement. Effective stakeholder management requires a practical approach, but it neither replaces philanthropy nor provides a fig leaf to boost corporate image. Cisco, Nestle and Coca-Cola demonstrate the potential of shared value and how companies can profit from it in a variety of ways.

Listen, Learn, Engage

Listen, learn, engage

by Christof Ehrhart -

The parameters for how companies do business are being redefined. It’s time to look beyond the narrow telescope of Shareholder Value and navigate your company using the multidimensional map of Stakeholder Value.

Formula E Car

Formula E: inspiring the future of transport

by Ken Allen -

Around two years ago, Formula E was nothing but an idea. Looking at the world’s first fully-electric racing championship today, it is amazing to see how that idea has transformed into reality.

The rise of the sharing economy

The rise of the sharing economy

by Jeremy Rifkin -

Own it or share it? That is becoming an increasingly legitimate question as the “sharing economy” explodes. Near zero marginal costs – a phenomenon that is sweeping across multiple industries – is making it happen, and it has many traditional companies reeling.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality – deciphering the high-tech hype

by Markus Kückelhaus -

If you haven’t heard of the term augmented or virtual reality (AR) before, perhaps Google’s Glass or Facebook’s recent $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift rings a bell.